Your time, your energy, your experience, your enthusiasm, your dedication.  Without all of these things, the children in our schools wouldn't have the programs and resources that you are so tirelessly struggling to provide.  Thank you for who you are and what you do for our children.

We have restructured our website with you in mind.  The newest feature of our site allows you to have control over your own policy.  Through this page, you can sign in with a user name and password to view what coverages you have, print your own Certificate of Insurance, print your renewals, add coverage, request an additional insured and many more features. 

We still have the same resources that we've always had available such as our risk management guide, covered/excluded events lists, and copies of polices which you can find on this page as well.  Thank you for your continued business and let us know how we can serve you better.


Still looking for additional information about coverage for PTA?  Feel free to check out the Resources tab above or contact us directly.  We're here for you.


Ready to purchase or see pricing? Simply answer the questions below and hit the button.  It's that simple.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you have insurance currently with AIM, you MUST sign in and enter your user name and password.  Not doing so will cause your current effective & expirations dates to be INACCURATE!


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