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Winning records don't just appear one day...

...they are the combined result of strategic planning, precise implementation, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  Just because you lay it all on the field for your team, that doesn't mean that you should do the same for the insurance program for your booster clubs.  Relax, we've done the work for you.  For over 20 years, we have provided insurance policies specifically tailored around the business of booster clubs.  It may not be all X's and O's, but it's a consistent play that scores every time.

Here's what we've learned over the years:

     Most boosters think they are covered by the district for liability as long as they are on school district property.  Booster board members and volunteers believe that they have insurance coverage under their Homeowners policies for any claims brought against them.  The thought of one of the board members embezzling their money never crosses their mind.  And while they never think about concession stand supplies or logo merchandise being stolen, that could be a huge financial setback for any booster clubs trying to raise funds for their players and participants.

     The truth is that most school districts don't provide liability coverage for the booster clubs in their schools.  The truth is that Homeowners policies don't provide liability coverage for volunteer activities.  The truth is that embezzlement within booster clubs is rising more and more every day because of the state of the economy and the lack of financial controls.  The truth is that Booster Clubs often don't know they need insurance until it's too late.  After a claim against the booster where there is no coverage, the truth is that they all wish that someone would have told them the truth.

     Regardless of whether you're running a concession stand, hosting a fun run, or simply conducting a car wash to try to raise money for your program, you are at risk of losing it all if you don't have the proper coverage in place.  Booster Clubs are one of the highest at risk parent groups for getting lawsuits filed against them for something they've done.  Food poisoning, auto damage, and injuries flood the ranks among the most common Booster Club claims.  The unfortunate fact is that most Booster Clubs don't have insurance!  Don't be one of those Booster Clubs...sign up today to get coverage and peace of mind!


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