AIM - Association Insurance Management, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Association Insurance Management (AIM) is a national marketing organization specializing in assisting associations to provide benefits and services to their members.  Our focus is in creating quality insurance programs for educationally based non-profit associations.  The program provides coverage for activities such as concession stands, car washes, t-shirt sales, fun runs, carnivals and other parent group sponsored activities.

With over 14,000 parent groups currently insured, we have developed a niche program with PTAs, PTOs, Education Foundations and Booster Clubs that is unique in the insurance industry.  AIM currently maintains 54 endorsements in 40 states specializing in association-endorsed programs.  These endorsements include State Parent Teacher Associations and The Texas Associations of Community Schools, which include over 700 school districts or institutional members.  To this date, AIM is proud to note it has never lost an association endorsement.

AIM is proud of the relationships that have been created with each of its associations and is committed to fostering those relationships for years to come.


AIM Association Insurance Management PO Box 674051 Dallas, TX 75267-4051
(800) 876-4044 fax (214) 360-0802